Stack Tilt Golf Swing

The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing has become one of the most popular golf swing techniques around the world.  The creators of this swing technique have admitted that this is not the right technique for everyone, but because it has helped many golfers improve their games and this website is about helping you become a better golfer, we decided it had to be mentioned.  The basics behind the swing are keeping your axis centered above the ball (which is the stack part) and rotating around this axis (the tilt part).

The big difference between this swing and others is that with the stack tilt golf swing your weight is always moving slightly forward.  You are going to start with your weight at about 55% on your front foot.  By keeping weight in the front it allows you to hit the ground after striking the ball and prevents your from cutting out to in on the ball.  Focusing on hitting the ground after the ball is important because it ensure solid contact with the ball which is the most important thing in a good golf swing.

Another big part of the stack tilt golf swing is turning your front shoulder down instead of keeping it level.  This helps keep the center of your shoulders in the same spot.  Keeping your axis in the fixed spot is incredibly important for maintaining a circular arc for your arms and hands during the swing.

As you progress through your backswing your weight on your front foot will increase to about 65%.  In order for you weight to move to your front foot in the stack tilt golf swing, your front leg will flex and your back leg will straighten out (but this will feel natural, so don’t worry about focusing on it).  Also, during your backswing try to swing your hands inward.

Your head should stay down and over the ball throughout the entire swing.  By keeping your head centered it will prevent your body from sliding backwards during the swing.

These are the basics for the stack tilt golf swing.  You can find some images here with the steps.  As I mentioned before, this is not the swing for everyone and is difficult to master if you do not already have your golf swing basics down.  There are some training aides mentioned on this site that will help you work on those basics, but if you already feel comfortable swinging a club then the stack tilt golf swing might just be the technique for you.


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