How to Hit a Draw

The Easiest Way to Cut Strokes Off Your Game

Having a great draw shot like the professionals can add important extra yards to your shots.  If you are looking to refine your golf game and become a complete golf player you really need to master how to hit a draw.  If you aren’t exactly sure what a draw shot is let me explain.  A draw shot is a ball that starts off by going right of the hole or your target spot and then curves back to land where you want it to.  This is different from a hook, a hook is where you turn your club over too much and hook the ball too far left of your target.  A hook is bad, a draw is good.  How to hit a draw can be very difficult, but once it is mastered it will drastically increase your golf game.  To hold the club to set up for a draw shot you want the club to cross the fingers at the base of your left hand and you want your left thumb pad to settle on the club.  When placing your right hand on the club, make sure that your palms are facing each other.

When you are lining up for a draw shot you need to aim slightly to the right of where your target is.  The more your practice and master your draw shot, the better you will get at figuring out how far right you need to aim.  You need to aim your body parallel with where you want hit the ball, this means lining up your shoulders, hips, knees and feet with your target.  As you go through your back swing and rotate your shoulders your arms need to go up and to the inside.  As with any swing, making sure that you are balanced and holding your correct posture will lead to a great shot.

The most important part of the downswing to remember is that you right arm needs to straighten out immediately.  This will create your club speed.  To make sure that your club head can close on time, you need to keep your right shoulder back as long as you can.  This will create your draw.  As you are striking the ball your right arm is going to cross over your left arm.  During your follow through you need to turn your left hip so your club stays on the correct arc and by the time you club reaches about ten o’clock your right arm should have completely crossed over the left.

Remember, learning how to hit a draw shot is difficult and will take practice, but it is worth it!  Once you have learn how to hit a draw shot correctly you will begin to find uses for it every round and will start to see your score drop.  Good luck and do not get frustrated while practicing how to hit a draw, if it was easy everyone would be good at it!

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