Golf Swing Plane

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Having a correct golf swing plane is incredibly important to hitting the ball accurately and powerfully. Your golf swing plane is the path that your arms and club take during your swing, it consists of your backswing, downswing and your follow-through. It is vital that all three of these phases flow smoothly together in order to hit the ball correctly. Not everyone has the same exact swing, although on this site we will help you find the most popular “proper swing”, but having a swing that flows smoothly is important no matter what your swing looks like.

The golf swing plane is one of the most discussed and misunderstood parts of the golf swing.  Lets discuss the swing plane so you can learn how to keep a proper plane to hit consistent shots.  The plane is established with the angle your club is laying at when you address the ball.  A proper swing keeps the club on the same angle that you have created when addressing the ball.  During you backswing your club needs to stay on this line up until your club is parallel to the ground.  As you go back farther in your swing your club is not going to stay on this same line, but is going to stay parallel to the plane to keep the same angle.  As you go through your down swing and enter the impact area, which is after your cross your hips, your club is going to once again line up perfectly with the initial plane that you established, not just be parallel with it.  The closer to parallel you can keep your club to the initial plane the more square you are going to hit the golf ball.  Golfers that have a slice generally are coming down too steep.  Keeping the club in the golf swing plane also keeps your body locked into the right angle, if you swing off the plane then your body has to adjust to hit the ball by either bending over farther or straightening out your spine.  One part of your swing that needs to be consistent to help stay within your plane is your swing speed, which is discussed here.


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