Golf Putting Drills

The Easiest Way to Cut Strokes Off Your Game

Golf putting drills are an important part of taking your golf skill to the next level and an easy way to knock off some strokes from your average score.  Every beginner golfer usually just goes to the driving range and tries to work on hitting the long ball, but being able to consistently knock down short to medium ranged putts and occasionally the long one will have a much bigger impact on your score.   So make sure you work on all aspects of your golf game when you are practicing.  This page will explain some great golf putting drills that you should incorporate into your practice schedule. Please remember though, you can’t start putting until you get to the green, and the closer to the hole the better, so after reading about some drills here you should head over to learn some tips on chipping.

There are a couple different aspects of a putt that you will need to practice in order to become a great putter.  The parts to master are the distance and your accuracy.  Of course you want to be consistent with all of these, so mastering consistency in these areas is the final step.  I will give you a few golf putting drills that will work on each of these skills, the first one we will go over is distance.

Golf Putting Drills: Distance

Controlling the distance of a putt is something that many golfers struggle with and unfortunately if you come up very short or putt the ball way past the hole you are likely going to leave yourself another tough putt.  You never want to three putt once you are on the green, one way to cut some strokes to from your score is to cut these three putts out of your game.  By controlling the distance of your putts you will hopefully always put yourself in position for an easy second putt if you miss the first one.  Obviously accuracy plays a factor in where you first putt ends up, but misjudging the distance is usually the factor that leads to a tough second putt.  So let’s get to the golf putting drills for distance.

In the first of our golf putting drills we will start with 10 balls at a point near the middle of the green marked by a tee.  You want to putt each ball and have it stop as close to the edge of the green as you can.  Each ball should be hit a few yards to the right of the last ball so they do not hit each other, and so the distance you are aiming for each ball is slightly different.  Once you have putt the 10 balls, go to the balls and putt them back as close as you can to the tee.  Going through a set of 10 balls a few times each time you practice should help you work on your distance.

In the second of our golf putting drills you can work on distance control by setting up 10 balls in a line to the hole, each one about 3 feet farther back than the last.  Place a marker 18 inches past the hole and in front of the hole, but off to the side a bit so you don’t hit them.  Start with the closest ball and putt them one at a time until you have finished.  Work on keeping all of your shots the same speed and work on keeping your missed putts within the 18 inch radius you created with your markers.  By keeping missed shots within a small distance from the hole you will create very few three putts and will lower your score.

Golf Putting Drills: Accuracy

Accuracy in putting gets more difficult the farther away your putt is, and one of our main goals in becoming a better putter is to eliminate any 3 putts from our round, so keeping your misses close to the pin is important.  By working on visualizing a line from your ball to the hole, no matter the distance of the putt, you will be able to create consistent putts that either go in or land within 18 inches of the hole.  Golfers of any skill level will rarely miss a putt within 18 inches, so this the target area we are aiming for.

The last of our golf putting drills is the tunnel drill.  It is exactly how it sounds, we are working on creating a tunnel or line to the hole that you can visualize from any distance on the green.  This tunnel will allow you to putt the ball straight to your spot.  Setup for this drill is extremely easy, you can use 4 tees and some string, or just some of your other golf clubs.  Basically you are going to create a path from your ball to the hole that is the width of your club head.  Put 4 tees into the ground, 2 on either side of the hole and 2 on either side of your club head.  Attach 2 pieces of string from the tees on either side and this will create a tunnel from the hole to your ball which you will use to line up your shot.  Eventually you will be able to visualize this tunnel without the string being there.  You can also lie clubs down on the ground to create this tunnel.  Either way you set it up works fine.  Start from about six feet from the hole and then gradually work your way back for longer putts, obviously you will need a flat green for this drill to work.

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