Golf Grip Tips

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Although the grip is very important, it is not going to make or break your swing.  Hopefully these golf grip tips will help improve your swing slightly.  The most important part of a good grip is feeling comfortable.  You don’t want to use the grip that Tiger Woods uses if it isn’t comfortable for you, he uses that grip because it works for him, not because he heard it was the best way to hold a club.  There are three basic ways that most golfers will hold the club.  The overlapping grip, the ten finger grip (also known as the baseball grip) and the interlocking grip.  The golf grip tips below will help you hold the club correctly.  This is just one part of creating a great and comfortable swing, be sure to learn how your swing mechanics work as well.

Overlapping Grip

This grip is the most used grip by professional golfers and would likely be taught to you if you ever went to a golf instructor.  In this grip you place your pinky finger of your trailing hand (if you are right handed, this is your right hand) between the index finger and middle finger of your lead hand.  Your thumb of the lead hand should be pointing down the club under your other thumb.

Ten Finger Grip

In the Ten Finger Grip, also known as the Baseball Grip, is generally used by beginners, although some professionals have been known to have great careers with this grip.  All three grips are very similar and the placement of the pinky finger is where the main difference comes in.  You will place your trailing hand tightly up against your lead hand.  Your thumb should still be pointing down the club under your other hand as with the other two grips.

Interlocking Grip

The next of our grips is the Interlocking grip.  This grip is very popular and the most preferred grip among people with smaller hands and weak wrists.  In this grip your pinky finger is placed between the index finger and middle finger of your lead hand, just like in the overlapping grip, but this time you are going to place your index finger over it, as shown in the picture.  And like the other two grips, your thumb will be placed along the club under your other hand.  Hopefully the golf grip tips on this page will help you pick the right grip for your game.


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