Golf Chipping Tips

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A large percentage of golf takes place around the green and being able to put the ball as close as possible to the hole will help cut strokes from your score.  Whether you are a beginner or someone just trying to lose a couple more strokes, these golf chipping tips will hopefully help.  Before you get too invested in learning how to chip make sure you understand correct golf swing mechanics.

There are many different shots that you will encounter when approaching the green and multiple clubs that will help you make the best out of each of these situations.  Unfortunately for you that means there is a lot of learn and practice, but these golf chipping tips will help get the basics down.  Chip shots are one of these shots you will come across and these are closer than pitches.  Because you are already so close to the green, a successful chip shot will land you within a few feet of the hole.  There are a few things that you need to take into account when chipping; the grass you are in, how far away from the pin you are, and the green condition.

The first of our website’s golf chipping tips is about the normal chip.  The chip is used when you are very close to the green but are not actually on it.  Many golfers will use a nine iron because they are comfortable with this club, but any wedge can be used, so use whichever club you feel most comfortable with.  A good chip shot will usually travel about a third of the distance to the hole in the air and then roll from there.  You should take this shot with the ball centered between your legs.

The second of our website’s golf chipping tips is about the soft shot.  This shot goes farther in the air than the normal chip and it will land softly close to the pin (hopefully!).  There are two clubs generally used for this type of shot, a lob wedge or a sand wedge, the lob wedge being used more frequently.  Your club face should be open for this type of shot.  The ball should be placed slightly forward in this shot and you need to accelerate the head of your club to create the high shot over the short distance which will then land close the pin with a short roll after.

Golf chipping tips number 3 is about the low chip.  This shot is for when there is a lot of green to cover and is generally shot with a mid iron, a five, six or seven.  Unlike the other types of chips you want to play this shot with the ball towards your back foot.  Your hands should stay ahead of your club face.  This low chip has the most roll out of the three types of chips, this is a good shot for when you are concerned about going way past the hole and when you can aim straight at the pin.

As with anything you want to get good at, practicing will make you better.  That is the last of our golf chipping tips.  Practice chipping as much as you would practice driving and putting.  Everyone wants to hit the long ball so they spend hours at the range with their driver, but being effective with your chips will result in lower scores than hitting the long ball and not being able to put it near the pin from the fairway.  Hopefully these golf chipping tips will help improve your game and lower your score.

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