Golf Swing Tips

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Becoming a great golfer is definitely not an easy task, but hopefully these golf tips will help you cut a few strokes off of your average score.  Going from shooting 110 to 100 or even dropping below 100 is very exciting, so take these tips out to the course or range next time you get a chance and you will see some great improvements.  Be sure to check out the other pages on our website to get more advice on improving your game.  The other pages will be on more specific aspects of golf.  So lets get to some important tips.

Tip #1 Get in shape!
A lot of people do not think that golf is a physical sport and think that you can be lazy and still be a great golfer.  While this may the case for special individuals who are gifted with great skill, the average golfer will gain a lot from staying in shape.  18 holes is a long round of golf and if you are not in great shape, keeping a consistent swing from the first hole to the last hole will become very difficult.  If you can’t take the same swing on the last hole as you did on the first hole then you are going to struggle to make great shots down the stretch where it really counts.

Tip #2 Practice
Mastering a great consistent golf swing is one of the most difficult thing in sports.  It takes hours of practice, which I am aware, the average weekend or once a month golfer does not have time for.  That does not mean that you can’t squeeze in a few trips to the range or practice green to help your game.  You also do not need to even leave your house to practice, you can go out in your yard to work on your swing with or without balls.  Obviously if you are hitting balls in your backyard you will want to set up a net to catch them, we don’t want to break too many windows…

Tip #3 Don’t forget your short game!
A lot of beginner or weekend golfers only care about being able to hit the long drive.  Although hitting the ball 300 yards straight down the fairway is a great start to any hole, and because chicks love the long ball, your short game is more important than you drive.  Let’s say that you shoot 100 on your average day on the course, only 18 of these shots are going to be taken off a tee, that leaves 82 shots that are taken during your round that you are not practicing if you only work on your drive.  Just thinking of those numbers should make you realize that practicing shots other than your drive are vitally important to becoming a better golfer, so I will end this tip here.

Tip #4 Staying Focused
Golf is a game of focus, and losing your focus will lead to terrible shot after terrible shot.  If you are taking your round seriously and aiming for your best score then concentrating on every shot counts.  One bad shot into the woods will often get a golfer angry and lead them to make a poor shot after that and then another.  You need to remember that you are not always going to make a great shot, so how you bounce back from a poor shot is going to make or break your round.

Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas about how you can improve your game, but you should check out some of our other pages to learn more about things like putting, your grip and your swing plane.


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