Golf Swing Speed

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Centrifugal force is what creates your golf swing speed.  The turning of your body and club around a central point, which is your spine, causes this centrifugal course on the head of the golf club.  Many golfers swing around their head instead of their spine.  The first thing you need to understand to create more golf swing speed is that you need to turn around your spine.  Secondly, imagine you are throwing a baseball, if you bring your arm back into a good throwing position and then put a club in your hand, you will be in a good swinging position.   You need to keep you wrists cocked and hold the angle of your arm and golf club while turning your body.  The third step in increasing your golf swing speed is releasing the golf club by rotating your forearms during your swing.

One main problem many beginner golfers have is that they try to swing too hard.  Usually it is because they think by swinging harder they will hit the ball farther, and this is true.  But, over swinging will cause you to fall off balance and usually not hit the ball squarely.  Also, your whole swing does not need to be fast, just the important parts of your swing.  The only time you really need to be swinging the club as fast as you can is while you are striking the ball, so your back swing does not need to be at full speed.  Having a slow smooth back swing helps set you up for a great shot.  It is easier to get your club positioned correctly if you are balanced and smooth in your back swing rather than rushing it.

By accelerating your swing smoothly your swing will feel effortless.  Professional golfers are able to have a smooth swing while keeping their body completely balanced and in control and still hit the ball at maximum club speed.  The best thing you can do to work on golf swing speed is hit the driving range.  Get a large bucket and just work on having a smooth balanced swing.  Don’t swing too fast or too slow, just work on being smooth with your shot.  Once you have a balanced swing, you can work on speeding up on your down swing to get to your maximum club speed.  Once your shot does not feel effortless anymore, that means you are over swinging.  Remember that your golf swing speed can make your break your shot, so get out there and practice.


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