Golf Swing Mechanics

The Easiest Way to Cut Strokes Off Your Game

Every golfer wants to create more power in their golf swing and drive the ball farther and straighter off the tee.  Every golfer wants to be able to put the ball just feet from the pin when chipping or taking their second shot on a long par 4 or 5.  And every golfer wants to be able to putt the ball consistently and knock down some long putts, while never missing the short ones.  Being able to do this all boils down to having correct golf swing mechanics.  I am sure you have all played with a golfer that seems to do all of these things effortlessly and you are probably wondering what they have that you don’t.  Are they stronger than you?  Do they swing faster than you?  Do they just have better clubs?  All of those things may be playing a part, but every trainer and professional golfer will tell you that practicing and mastering the perfect golf swing mechanics is the only way to become an expert golfer.

There is no question that having the newest clubs on the market will improve your performance, but they will only help you if you know how to use them properly.  To use these clubs the right way you need to have the golf swing mechanics down.  You need to understand the parts of the golf swing, how to hold the club and where you should be aligning yourself.  There is a lot that goes into the proper golf swing.  You can head over to our main page to find out all about the basics of a golf swing that you need to master.

The best part about learning and mastering your golf swing mechanics is that when you are hitting the ball poorly, you will be able to know what you are doing wrong and fix it.  Amateur golfers might start slicing the ball or hooking it and have no idea what they are doing wrong.  They will get frustrated because what they were doing before is no long working.  But for you, the experienced golfer who knows the mechanics of a golf swing, you will be able to say “I am slicing the ball because of X, and so I need to adjust Y in my swing.”  You have no idea how powerful that is, you will be able to adjust your swing after one poor shot and continue on having a great round.

Practicing your swing as often as possibly and tweaking it during the process is how you will start knocking strokes off of your game and how you will soon fully understand the importance of golf swing mechanics.  Golf is not an easy sport by any means, if you want to become a superior golfer and start dominating anyone you play with you need to get down to business and work on your swing.  We have other pages that will take you through the basics of the golf swing and will definitely help improve your game, but if you are ready to take it to the next level you need to get your copy of the Simple Golf Swing.  This will improve your game drastically.  Bad habits are very difficult to break in life and this is no different in your golf swing, so the sooner you take action to get the proper instruction on how swing a golf club, the easier it will be to change your golf swing mechanics.

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