Golf Handicap

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In this short article I will try to explain why the golf handicap system is very important to golf.  Having an up to date golf handicap allows golfers of all different skill levels to compete in local tournaments.  Any reasonably golf course will allow you to get a handicap.  If you keep track of and report your scores accurately, a golf handicap is a very accurate representation of your golf skill.

The handicap is actually a very complicated formula that takes into account many factors, some of which are your average score and the difficulty of the golf courses you are playing on.  Every course has its own handicap that determines how many strokes are needed to play at the skill level of a scratch golfer.  A scratch golfer is someone that shoots par on a course.  This gives you an accurate indication of your ability.  If you have a 6 handicap and played against a scratch golfer, you would get a six stroke lead, one stroke for each of the first 6 hardest holes on the course.

Because golf is the ultimate gentlemen’s game, where golfers actually call out penalties on themselves, it is important that you post accurate scores and do not try to cheat the system.  Cheating and lowering your handicap actually only hurts yourself, because when you do compete in a tournament with a lower handicap than you should have and can not live up to that handicap, it makes you look like you played poorly.  Also, to prevent people from getting higher handicaps to try to win tournaments easier, any golfer that has a handicap lower than 10 can not use a scorecard with a hole higher than a double bogey.

Once you report enough scores to get your own official handicap, it becomes very difficult to lower it.  Just having a couple good rounds will not lower you handicap dramatically.  This also means that having a bad round once in a while will not screw you and raise your handicap a lot.  If you have multiple bad rounds in a row then you will see your handicap rise, as it should.  Golf handicaps are a great way to play competitively with golfers of different skill, so if you play a lot of golf and are thinking about playing in tournaments then you should start reporting your scores to get a handicap.

If you want to be able to impress your friends with a lower handicap than theirs then you are going to need to continually get better at golf.  Our website has a lot of advice to help you learn the correct way to prepare for a round and execute a proper swing.  Once you become more advanced you can learn skills like hitting a draw shot. Hopefully you can take advantage of the information we have here and will become the type of golfer you want to become.  Remember that lower your handicap as well as becoming a great golfer does not happen over night.  You are going to need to practice whenever you have time to achieve your goals.

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